Top Healthy fast food in Amsterdam

Soup enzo Amsterdam

You want something fast but not fast fat. Rather fast foodalicious and healthy. These are the spots to go to and enjoy good food for 30 seconds. And all under a tenner!

  1. Soup enzo – Healty, warm and comforting. Soup enzo is a (little) chain thoughout the city that sells soup. Dhuu. The’re all organic and stuff. I’m not, but I still love their soup. Fill ya self up with health beanies and veggies for 4 euro’s or so.
  2. Roopram Roti – The’re hundreds of small Surinam restaurant all over Amsterdam but in my opinion this is the top spot! Expect a queue, f*cking slow service and an ambiance worse than the shittiest kabab shop. Not really fast but the food is the bomb! Try the roti roll. BTW: come early. After 19.00 hour, all the good stuff is gone.
  3. The Taco Shop – My favorite place in town. If you like Tex-Mex, this is the ONLY spot. We don’t do Mexican / Tex-Mex very well in Amsterdam. But this one is the exception to the rule. Mostly a take a way, although they have several (bar)seats. Check out the green chili burrito. I never tried something else. Just to good to switch.
  4. Wok to Walk – Noodles! They do noodles way better in Vancouver but if you have a crave for fast food asian with goodies, this is t he chain to go for. It’s FRESH! …. exciting.
  5. Bird – Cool place. Right of the the redlicht district on the Zeedijk is Thai snackbar bird. Not cheap but speedy, high quality and delicious Thai food. Rather go for slowfood? right oposite to the snakbar is restaurant bird. Some quality but just the slow version.
  6. Stampotje -Want traditional Dutch food? Stamppot is vegetables and cooked potatoes (s)mashed with each other. Usually served with sausage or meat balls and gravy. Since a couple of years there’s a place in town were they serve several of those stamppotjes for take away. A decant dutch meal in a matter of seconds. Make sure you go there in the Winter. At sumer time the’re called yscuypje en serve (Italian?) icecream.

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