• coffeshop-katsu-amsterdam

    Coffeeshops to go to

    So we gave you the list of worst coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Coffeeshops not to go to. Now here is a list with – in my opnion – the best coffeshops of Amsterdam. Go check em out. Katzu – Shop in the Albert Cuyp market area....

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  • sawing-public-art-amsterdam

    Hidden statue’s / art

    Weird list. But there are several real cool hidden statue’s slash “art in public space thingies” in Amsterdam that are hard to find. The receptionist at your hotel probably won’t know then neighter. Here’s a list of funny art surprises hidden around town. Sawing guy – ‘Het zaag...

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  • friet-patat-chips-fries-amsterdam

    Chips / French fries checkpoints

    Need some serious cholesterol? Nothing like a good “patatje met mayonnaise” on a cold winter sunday. Served and eaten smothered in mayonnaise or with mayo & saté sous and unions (=patat oorlog = war fries), available nearly everywhere. But not all is good. Short frying...

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  • haring-dutch-sushi-amsterdam

    Haring charts

    Haring, the dutch fish tradition. A local delicacy described most easily as dutch sushi / sashimi. Yes, we eat them raw, and with unions and pickles if you like. The dutch have endless discussion about the best spot the get them. We talk about freshness...

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  • waxwell-record-amsterdam

    (Secondhand) Vinyl Recordstores

    Best places to shop for music. Not that digital shit, but the good old black plastic dope, pusher Ice-T used to try and sell us. Power! Weird and funky vintage shops thus. Back Beat Records – My Personal number one. Just the coolest record shop...

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  • bicycle-tramtracks-amsterdam

    Ways to get killed

    Amsterdam is a great city. Is alive and bubbly, multicultural, liberal and full of colorful people. But is can also be a very dangerous place if you’re new in town. Here’s a list with things you don’t want to do: Eat to much paddo’s on the 7th floor...

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